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I  invite you to join with me on a consortium project with composer Rusty Banks for a new composition he is working on right now, “Not A Gun” (working title) for tuba and electronics. You may be familiar with one of Rusty’s other compositions – “2ba4” for tuba, electronics, and boomboxes – which I commissioned in 2009. If you’re not, I invite you to check it out here:  You can learn more about Rusty here:

“2ba4” is a great recital closer, and lots of fun for an audience. In fact, it’s because of the enthusiasm of audience members (who also happen to be tuba players) after hearing 2ba4 that has led to this project.

The concept behind this commissioned work is generate a substantial work for tuba solo and non-traditional accompaniment that is musically satisfying to both performer and listener, as well as challenging and rewarding for advanced/professional players. This new work will be 10-14min in length. The decision to write for tuba and electronics will allow Rusty the freedom to use a wide variety of sounds and techniques, while keeping things relatively simple for the performer (not needing to own/carry even more expensive equipment to a performance).

As for Rusty’s thoughts on “Not A Gun”, here’s what he has to say:


I want to take advantage of the high level of tuba performance currently available, but I don’t want the work to be empty virtuosity. And while I want beauty to be large component of the work, I don’t want it to be thoughtlessly pretty.  I want the work to melt minds at any Tuba Convention but I also want a lover of music to look forward to it in his or her playlist. I don’t want it to be everything to everybody but I want its appeal to transcend a mere niche or two. Tuba can be so menacing. I like the idea of tuba “choosing” to be many things rather than “just” a weapon (though it sure makes a mighty fine weapon).

I’m picturing the work in 5 “movements” that are connected by the “substrate” of the sounds in the electronic part. The aesthetic of the work will range from “ambient sonic tapestry” to “bombastic and rhythmic.”

I will be willing to create multiple versions of the work to accommodate different levels of interaction and practicality. In its simplest form, the work will be for tuba and stereo playback (a la the classic instrument and “tape” pieces). But I will also create multi-channel versions for surround-sound playback as well versions that utilize live processing for those with the opportunity/inclination to stage such performances.


So, the idea here is simple: I’m inviting you to co-commission “Not A Gun” in the amount of $100 for individuals and $250 for a studio. This consortium will be limited to 20 co-commissioners. In exchange for your help in bring this project to fruition, you’ll get a signed copy of the score/part by October 1, 2015, an acknowledgement on the published score/part (as a commissioner of this work), and the satisfaction of knowing that you played a part in the creation of a new piece of music. You’ll also get exclusive performance rights of the work until January 1, 2017, at which time it will be published and made available for purchase to everyone else. Rusty will also work with each co-commissioner who desires a version customized to specific technological wants, be it a version that runs in Max/MSP or one that utilizes effect pedals, or a 7.1 surround sound version that plays from a DVD. Rusty is planning to complete “Not A Gun” in early summer, and I’ll be premiering it in the Fall of 2015 (you’ll be advised of the specifics). With that in mind, we’ll need to have all of our consortium members on board by May 15, 2015.


Please consider helping us to bring “Not A Gun” to life. To join, simply contact me. My contact information is below. Also feel free to contact me with any questions. I would be more than happy to speak with you about this project.

To join, simply send me an email indicating your interest. Email me at, or by clicking HERE.

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